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Shooting on transparent mannequin is called "subject shooting of clothes", and in the people simply "doll". Its purpose is to show the type of clothing on the figure, focusing the customer's attention on the product, without distracting him from the physical characteristics of the model. Such shooting is actually quite a laborious process, the photographer and the assistant must have a great imagination, and the retoucher must reproduce all the details closed by the model: the neck, pattern, transparent fabrics and so on. The Omnicore team has many years of experience in this type of shooting and has worked with products of varying complexity, such as lace, organza, metallic materials and holographic effects, fringe, extremely voluminous and elongated details of the product that go beyond the frame. For more information, please fill out a brief request

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Can you pick up the goods and bring it back after the shooting?

Yes, such service is available in Kyiv.
For customers from other cities of Ukraine is available to send goods by Nova Poshta (both ways at the customer’s expense).

How long does it take to bring the goods to the shoot?

Goods in the studio must be at least 1 day in advance. Since the goods must be taken, ironed, prepared for shooting.

What's the cost of shooting?

The cost depends on the customer's wishes. Fill in the form and we will make the calculation under your request.

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What is included in the price?

Model, basic model make-up.
Preparation of goods for shooting (ironing, styling, compilation of looks).
Professional retouching, color correction and cropping according to the customer's wishes.

What are the processing of the pictures time?

7-9 working days after shooting, depends on the photo processing requirements.

May I attend the shooting?

As agreed by the parties.

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