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Omnicore is an international software product company, that brings together modern technology and classical retail. We empower digital activities for global retailers and drive dramatic growth of sales and market reputation. Our team provides sophisticated intellectual solutions for omnichannel shopping experience, which boost clients’ satisfaction and loyalty.

We work with numerous multibrand fashion retailers as their outsource department. In order to incorporate web development, marketing, photo and video shooting, customer care and delivery we function as a single unit.

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Design and development of online store

We create design and fulfill frontend and backend development of the online store site. We also set up solutions for digital marketing, client data analysis, product recommendations and security.

Development of marketing strategy

As opposed to one-more-e-shop we build long term strategy by creating new brand or transform from existing one. So that clients know and love your brand and grow loyal to your business.

Content production and site upload

Studio shoots and retouches product photos and videos. Stylists mix and match looks for catalogue and editorials. And finaly, each item has detailed description and uploaded to the site right away.

Implementation of business processes

Being keen on internal logistics and nuances of customer delivery and support we inspect, and upgrade your operations to deliver, pay and return orders in the fastest and most efficient way.

Organization of a marketing company and promotion

We guide your potential customers from their online places of interest to your e-shop. Choosing the most suitable tools and smart targeting makes the right people to see the right products

Technical support and upgrade

Once the e-shop is build we`ll keep it working as smoothly as possible and up to date with new features. Your business may evolve and we will be there to implement the changes to the website.

Live customer care center

Real people who care about the clients are ready to answer any questions by phone, mail, chat, messengers and social medias. We build processes to respond customers as fast as possible.

Creating an Effective Delivery Service

Our managers build easiest procedures for picking up, complecting and delivering for orders and photoshooting. This optimizes the stock and transfer processes for the fastest delivery.

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